New even Larger Craps

I think our 8’9″ craps tables are as large as anyone has in the area, but we just got a new 12 ft craps table.  It’s in very good condition but not new.  We feel like it needs a new face and have ordered a new layout for it.  We should have the new layout by the first of October, 2017

Large Craps Tables

You can easily find our craps table at any party …just look in the direction of all the CHEERING!  It would be hard to imagine a party with more excitement than craps…why? Because it offers your guests so many ways to win. Don’t worry, our professional dealers will teach you everything about this exciting game.  Get ready to have a blast!  Table dimensions: 4 feet by 8 feet 9 inches.  The large craps tables take about 130 square feet of floor space and come with all the associated equipment you will need and two dealers in uniform for 2 1/2 hours of playing time


Our large craps tables they are nearly 9 ft long and will accommodate 12-14 players they come with 2 dealers and need about 130 sq feet of floor space.



 Our 8 ft craps tables and will accommodate 10-12 players.  They come with 2 dealers and need about 110 sq feet of floor space.

We have one 8 ft craps table which “breaks apart” and is great for locations where we can’t get a regular large craps table.  It is 8 ft long and will accommodate 10-12 players,  It comes with 2 dealers and needs about 110 sq feet.  It takes about and extra 1/2 hour to assemble. Photo coming soon.

We have some smaller craps tables they are 6 feet long and will fit in a much smaller space.  The do not accommodate as many players and are not nearly as attractive.  They only require one dealer.

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