Casino Games

The casino games come with a dealer in uniform (except as noted with no dealer) and all the associated equipment you will need for the games you have requested.  The prices are for 2 ½ hours of playing time, overtime is $20.00 per ½ hour per dealer.

Black Jack $215.00

Small Craps $215.00

Large Craps 8-9 ft long $375.00 with 2 dealers

Roulette $215.00

Texas Hold’em $215.00

Baccarat $215.00  

3 card poker $215.00

Wheel of Fortune $215.00

Chuck-A-Luck $215.00

Let it Ride $215.00

Plinko $215.00

Live Mouse Races $215.00

Casino Equipment without a dealer

Desktop Money Machine $100.00

Attendants or dealers for the above are available for $100.00 each for 2 ½ hours

Carnival Items

Carnival Games

Our carnival games are usually rented by the day without attendants. Attendants are available at an extra charge, be sure to inform us if that is what you need. Attendants are $30.00 per hour with a 3 hour minimum.

Live Mouse Races $125.00 per day

Big Wheel of Fortune $125.00 per day

Plinko $125.00 per day

No travel charge in Tulsa. Outside of the Tulsa area we charge 35 cents per mile per person traveling and $1.50 per mile round trip for the delivery vehicle.   There is a $100.00 ($50.00 in Tulsa) delivery charge for orders less than $500.00. No delivery charge for larger orders.

We also have a $30.00 per table premium charge on the casino tables in December on Fridays and Saturdays before Christmas.  Pick up at our Tulsa warehouse is by appointment only, no charge.


Photo Booth with attendant unlimited pictures $395.00 for 4 hours


Full sized electronic professional set includes an 8 ft lit bingo board, blower cabinet and up to 500 bingo cards (reusable shutter cards).  $500.00

Big Non Electric Bingo set with an 8 ft bingo board and up with up to 250 bingo cards (reusable shutter cards).  $150.00 per day

Delivery Charges:

Many items you may pick up at our Tulsa warehouse at no charge. For delivery, we charge $50.00 delivery charge for each person we need to send to deliver your equipment- for rentals under $300.00 total.   We will provide one person at no charge for deliveries between $300.00 and $500.00 and we do not charge for delivery for orders exceeding $500.00.

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