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We know that hiring an entertainment company for your event can feel a bit like gambling.  You are taking a big chance, and that can feel pretty risky.  Hopefully the following customer reviews will assure you that hiring Casino Nights LLC is always a safe bet
Everyone had so much fun with thisWe have to admit we were nervous since it was our first time doing a casino night but it turned out wonderful! They also worked well with us trying to figure out how to make additional space without stressing any at all.
We will be using you again for sure! Thank you so much again for helping our party be such a success!
Have a Merry Christmas!

Everything was great.  Several people commented on how great everything was with the gaming tables and how quickly you were able to get everyone cashed out and the tables moved out.
We’d definitely recommend you all and will be a reference at any time.
Thanks for being a part of our party and making it a great night.
Trent Gastineau

Thanks, it was fantastic. One of our best parties by far.
Dr. Monte Harrel
For the second year in a row, our auction went great with the help of your wonderful staff. They are always friendly, courteous and very professional. Our guests made several comments on how fun the dealers were and how helpful they were to those who had never played beforeWe will definitely use your company again!
Thank you,
They loved it, Jack! I’ve been told the last two years have been the best parties since the 1970s. They love the gambling and auction. Thank you for providing such a fun service!
You and your staff were a joy to do business with.  
Your equipment was set up on time.
Your personnel were fun and full of energy. I was pleased.
I would definitely recommend you and you are welcome to use me as a reference.
Again, Thank you,
Reporting Analyst
Hi Jack,
I am very pleased with the way things turned out. The class LOVED it, I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback about the casino tables being added to our reunion.  I would definitely recommend your services and if needed you can use me as a reference as well.  I can’t even begin to think about how you can improve because you did such a GREAT job I was really pleased as well as impressed, we couldn’t keep the folks from the tables.
Thanks for helping us make our 20-year reunion successful.
Class President

Everything went great.  Everything was set up on time, all equipment was great and your staff was great. Yes you may use us as a reference, and I would recommend you.
Forest Ridge Golf Club
Thanks a lot for your hard work, especially getting extra tables so close to the event. 
Looking forward to seeing you again next year. 
ABB Inc.
Totalflow Products
I believe that everyone had a GREAT time on Friday night!!  I have heard nothing but positive comments and what a wonderful idea to have the games. We will definitely look your way again. Thanks again!!
Kelley Harris 
Grant Thornton LLP
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